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Evaluation System

Evaluation system / Condition of the shellac records
We have introduced a more significant evalutation system which will replace step by step the old system (here in the 2nd row). By nature, gramophone records cannot reach the sound quality of modern media, but just that is the special charm in sight of many enthusiasts.
Evaluation accordant Description
EXCELLENT *E+* excellent copy, none or few light non-sounding rubs/marks
VERY GOOD + *E+/E* light traces of wear (rubs/marks), very light scratches possible
VERY GOOD *E* light traces of wear (rubs/marks), very light greying and/or very light scratches, few minimal blemishes
VERY GOOD - *E/E-* light graying and scratches, the sound is good
GOOD + *E-* inferior average copy with more noticeable rubs and marks; light greying, some scratches possible
GOOD *V+* more traces of use, sonic wear from light greying. A substandard copy, more scratches, often played
GOOD - *V* some sounding wear, heavier rubs and marks, but still playable
FAIR *V-* obvious sounding wear , heavy rubs, marks, scratches. An unsatisfactory copy
POOR *P* unplayable wreck, only of documentary value
BC+ / 1BC+ Border slightly chipped, with number: only this side (here side 1)
BC / 2BC BC = Border chipped, but full playable, with number: only this side (here side 2)
BC- (10) BC- = Border chipped, Start not playable with roughly information about affected grooves (here 10)
CRACK record has a crack